D&R Law Office deals with various kinds of corporate legal issues arising from domestic business as well as international business, such as:

  1. Corporate
    • Advice on Corporate Governance
    • Advice on Compliance (e.g., Compliance with Antitrust Law, etc.)
    • Advice on Corporate Crisis Management (e.g., Scandals, etc. ), and Internal Controls
    • Advice on Security-related Issues (e.g., Personal Information, IT Systems, etc.)
    • Advice on Labor Issues
    • Advice on Intellectual Properties including Brand Strategies (e.g., Trademark Registration, etc.)
    • Advice, Planning, and Draft of Required Documents as to Reorganizations (M&A)
    • Advice on Joint Venture and other Alliances
    • Advice on Start-Up Business(e.g., Incorporation, Governance System, Draft/Review of Minutes of Board Meeting & Shareholders’ Meeting, Draft/Review of AOI & Company Regulations, etc.)
    • Draft/Review/Advice on Various Types of Contracts, Opinions, and other Legal Documents 
    • Dispute Resolutions including Handling Complaints and Negotiations, etc.
    • Negotiation with Clients’ Business Partners
    • Handling Inquires made by Clients’ Legal Divisions, etc.
    • Corporate In-House Consultation
    • Support for Foreign Corporations
    • Other General Corporate Issues

  2. Cross Border Practice
    • Advice on International Transactions and Negotiations with Foreign Business Partners of Clients
    • Draft/Review of Legal Documents (e.g., Contracts, etc.) with regard to Cross Border Transactions
    • Support for Business Expansion to Abroad
    • Advice on Compliance (e.g., FCPA, UK Bribery Act, etc.)  etc.

    D&R Law Office can, through partnership, deal quickly with legal procedures and business expansion, etc. related to the US and Asian countries including China, Taipei, Singapore and India.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.